, Corbin, KY

August 30, 2013

Corbin Recycling purchases six new containers

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff Writer

They’re long, large, deep, more user-friendly and painted navy blue and dark green.

Plus, they’re out there on the streets now, making recycling much easier for Corbin residents.

They’re six new recycling containers that were purchased recently by the Corbin Recycling Center.

The four dark green containers are called “trailers,” and three of them have already been set up at Corbin Intermediate School on 17th Street, the Eastern Kentucky University Corbin Center campus off the Corbin Bypass, and at the recycling center on South Main Street.

Actually, there are two trailers at the recycling center, but Corbin Recycling Director Steve Mills said one of them will go to Corbin High School.

The four new recycling trailers have bins that will accept aluminum cans, tin cans, No. 1 plastic, and cardboard.

The two blue containers are larger and are known as “roll-offs.”

One now stands in the parking lot near Little Caesar’s on Master Street, while the second one will be placed in the Forest Hills Shopping Center, on the side where the bowling lanes are located.

With four big bins, the roll-offs accept tin and aluminum cans, mixed paper and newspaper, plastic and cardboard.

According to Mills, the new containers — made by Wastequip of Charlotte, N.C. — have become quite a hit with people who recycle.

“For one, we now have more units and locations where people can recycle. Before the PRIDE grant, we just had the four recycling trailers. Now we have the four trailers and the two roll-offs, and all of them are brand new. Second, we’ve had a lot of good comments from people about the containers. They like how they can reach the bins easier with the new roll-offs,” he said while showing the roll-off container at the Master Street location.

Painted in deep, dark, navy blue with bright yellow lettering and black doors to the bins, the roll-off dwarfs the trailers in size.

“The roll-off containers are bigger and they’ll hold twice as much as the trailers, and best of all, they’re easier to operate. We can empty each compartment from the back, and it all comes out the tail end of this container,” Mills pointed out.

An $18,000 grant from Eastern Kentucky PRIDE made the new recycling containers possible. Mills noted they received the grant in late June, with the containers arriving Wednesday, Aug. 21. Corbin Recycling began using the six new units Monday.

“We’re pleased with them, the city really likes them, and Corbin Recycling loves ‘em,” he said.