, Corbin, KY

May 28, 2013

Trial date set for Gray parents

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By John L. Ross, Staff Writer

Two parents who face several drug-related charges now have a trial date set.

Steven A. Campbell, 29, and Wannetta A. Campbell, 29, both of Hobart Lane in Gray, were arrested by the Kentucky State Police March 30.

During their pretrial conference Friday in Knox County Circuit Court before Judge Gregory Lay,

the Campbells appeared with their attorneys.

It was ruled their trial is scheduled for Aug. 7 with a final pretrial conference set for Aug. 1. Wannetta Campbell’s attorney Cotha Hudson explained she was still waiting on evidence.  

Both defendants remain jailed. Steven Campbell is considered a “high (flight) risk,” and it was decided his cash bond will remain at $25,000.

Wannetta Campbell’s bond was the same, but because she was considered a low flight risk, it was amended Friday.

Her bond now is $5,000 fully secured.

During their preliminary hearings in April, state troopers testified that troopers and deputies went to the residence after receiving calls from neighbors reporting children, who reside with the Campbells, were out in the neighborhood “asking people for food.”

The trooper explained that when he got to the home, he made first contact with Wannetta Campbell, who agreed to allow the trooper in the home. The trooper said he followed her to a back bedroom, where Steven Campbell was discovered “passed out on a futon” with a child next to him — and “an active meth lab on the coffee table.”

Once he was questioned, the trooper said Steven Campbell admitted to making meth “for the past three months.”

The trooper also said Wannetta Campbell “said she knew it was going on,” and that she admitted to smoking meth.

He added the home itself was “unlivable” for the kids, stating there was a mattress on the living room floor and old food was laying around.

The trooper testified that all the children in the home were removed from the residence.

During the trooper’s testimony, Wannetta Campbell continuously made physical motions denying what was said.

The couple was indicted later in April. The first count charges the couple with their first offense of manufacturing methamphetamine after allegedly knowingly and unlawfully having in their possession chemicals and/or equipment used to make meth with the intent of doing so.

The second, third and fourth counts indict them on three charges of fourth-degree controlled substance endangerment to a child after allegedly permitting three children to be present while meth was being manufactured.

Both Campbells were remanded to custody after their court appearance.