, Corbin, KY

February 19, 2013

4 indicted after jewelry store raid

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By John L. Ross, Staff Writer

Four suspects jailed after a jewelry store raid in January were indicted in Whitley County Circuit Court Monday.

James Woodrow King, 51, Donald Matthew Leone, 35, Nancy Rene Lemons, 40, and Jerry Wayne Hart, 34, all of Corbin, were arrested Jan. 31 after the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department raided Design House jewelry on South Main Street in Corbin.

According to Sheriff Colan Harrell, two suspects involved with the store, King and Leone, were arrested for buying nine guns stolen from an Alsip Trail residence Jan. 13.

Harrell said those stolen guns were allegedly purchased from Lemons and Hart, the two suspects in the January burglary.

Lead investigator in the case, Lt. Millard Root, recovered all the stolen weapons, which were valued at approximately $3,650.

“He (King) paid about $300 for them,” Harrell alleged. “He is accused of receiving — of knowingly receiving — stolen property.”

After King was arrested, he was adamant about his innocence. “There needs to be a better system involved in dealing with firearms,” King said. “That way mistakes like this don’t happen.”

Harrell said King offered another opinion while deputies combed the store. Harrell explained that while his warrant was being read to him, King said “I knew the guns were hot and I knew better.”

King and Leone each face theft by unlawful taking charges. The guns listed stolen in their indictments are a Mossberg shotgun, a Traditions, Inc. shotgun, two Remington Arms shotguns, a Winchester shotgun, a Ruger rifle, a Mossberg rifle, a New England shotgun a Marlin rifle.

The other two defendants in this case, Lemons and Hart, are the accused thieves in the Alsip Trail burglary.

The Corbin Police Department arrested these two suspects the same day. Sheriff Harrell said the burglary was a standard break-in.

“They kick the door down, take the weapons, then get out and leave,” he said.

Lemons and Hart each face first-degree burglary charges in connection with the guns stolen from the residence. Hart has a second count in his indictment for second-degree persistent felony offender, as he was previously convicted of second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance, first offense on Nov. 9, 2007.

All suspects indicted remain innocent until proven guilty in court.