, Corbin, KY

July 10, 2013

24 apply for superintendent job

Screening committee begins review of applicants for Knox position

The Times-Tribune


By Becky Killian / Editor

Twenty-four applications have been received from hopefuls aiming for the position of superintendent of Knox County Public Schools.

On Monday, a six-member screening committee began its review of the applications, guided by Tim Eaton, a field consultant with the Kentucky School Boards Association.

Eaton and screening committee members met after an introduction to the district’s board of education during a special called meeting.

Eaton explained his role, which is to lead the screening committee as it sorts through the applications guided by both law and the board of education’s charge to the committee. Part of that charge asks the committee to recommend five or six applicants when it turns the applications over to the board by Monday, July 22. The screening committee will meet with the board on Thursday, July 25, to formally recommend and discuss the candidates.

Although the board has asked the committee to recommend five or six candidates, Eaton said the board can look at all applicants, including the three applications that are incomplete.

Part of the charge handed to the screening committee is to maintain the confidentiality of the applicants. Eaton said that is of the upmost importance, adding that wherever he has gone to aid in the selection of a superintendent, rumors abound about the process.

The screening committee, which is comprised of representatives from the district’s board, principals, teachers, classified staff and parents, then adjourned for its initial meeting. Board member Sam Watts excused himself since he is the board’s representative on the committee.

The screening committee will meet three times before its joint meeting with the board of education. During Monday’s meeting, the committee was to determine questions to ask references and applicants as well as to learn about the procedure for the initial screening. During the second meeting, committee members will consider which candidates should have reference checks completed and assign candidates for reference checks. At the third meeting, the committee will determine its list of candidates to recommend to the board.

The district’s former superintendent, Walter T. Hulett, retired effective May 1. Ralph Hoskins has been named interim superintendent.

More about the district’s process to select a new superintendent can be found by clicking on the “Superintendent Search Information” box at