, Corbin, KY

July 8, 2013

Lynn Camp offers new AP classes

The Times-Tribune


By John L. Ross / Staff Writer

Learning — that’s the name of the game for educators across the country.

And now Lynn Camp Schools has a new learning tool for educators to challenge their students.

According to Frank Shelton, Knox County Public Schools media relations director, faculty and staff at Lynn Camp Schools are busy making preparations for new Advanced Placement (AP) courses set to be available when school starts Aug. 14.

“The addition of new AP classes at Lynn Camp will provide a more challenging and rigorous curriculum for our students,” Shelton said. “Some students struggle in regular classes because of the format of the class.”

However, Advanced Placement course are different.

“In AP classes, the focus is not simply memorizing facts or procedures,” Shelton continued. “Students will be engaged in discussion, collaboration, and creative problem solving.”

He added that these classes are not limited.

“We often think that AP classes are only for the top students in the class, and that is not always the case,” Shelton said. “Students who may find themselves ‘bored’ in regular classes sometimes perform better academically in AP because of the format of the class.”

This is only part of the school district’s goal of increasing the numbers of college-ready and college-bound students.

“In many ways our AP classes are set up similar to that of a college course,” Shelton said. “And because students can possibly earn college credit upon completion, this will only strengthen their ability to enter college and perform perhaps at the top of their class because they are accustom to the higher-level coursework.

“It is our goal that upon graduation from Lynn Camp that students are prepared to not only go on to college or career, but to succeed and excel at it,” Shelton added. “Regardless of what the student’s future plans hold, AP-type classes help them to develop key skills that are essential for success.”

The AP courses will be offered in the upcoming school year, and are considered “a welcomed addition to the curriculum,” according to district AP coach Cathy Sue Smith.

AP government, calculus, Spanish, biology, chemistry, and English will be offered to students in 2013-2014.

Smith agreed with Shelton, saying these courses will help students prepare for college both in coursework and on their applications. AP courses signal to admissions officers that a student has undertaken the most rigorous classes their high school had to offer.

Students can also earn college credit by completing AP exams at the end of each course.

But there’s more that Lynn Camp schools now offer, according to Shelton.

For students on track to be career ready at Lynn Camp, the addition of new business and marketing education classes will help prepare students for the workforce. Knox Central educator Gina Martin will join the Lynn Camp staff to provide instruction in computer applications and general business skills and concepts.

Students will be eligible to take the KOSSA (Kentucky Occupational Skill Standards Assessment) after completing the business and marketing pathway and earn a certificate stating they are prepared for an entry-level job in the field.

Martin will work alongside Selina Deaton, present marketing teacher at the school.

“This is an exciting time for Lynn Camp Schools and we want our school community to know all of the work going on behind the scenes to ensure student success in the upcoming school year,” said assistant principal Anthony Pennington.