, Corbin, KY

November 25, 2013

3 resign from Whitley 911 board

Reasons for departures mostly unclear, replacements to be appointed to the board, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By John L. Ross / Staff Writer

Three resignations from the Whitley County E911 Board have been confirmed — one of those three was Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird, and another was 2nd District Constable Ron “Bubba” Bowling.

Bird said that besides himself, two others resigned. The identity of the third person is unknown officially at press time.

Although why remains mostly unclear, Bowling said he was gearing up for his spring reelection campaign.

“I served on that 911 board — faithfully — for the last two years,” Bowling said. “But I decided to take a break through the holidays so I can spend time with my family before I campaign for reelection in May.”

He said that was the reason for his leaving the board.

“Just like everything else, you’ve got to pick and choose how you spend your minutes in a day,” he said. “I just needed a break from some of these boards I serve on.”

He said his resignation would require a new appointment to the board. “What they have to do is appoint someone to replace me,” Bowling said. “I’m not saying I’d never serve again, but I need to focus on family first and then my campaign from January through May.”

He said he has served as a “designee” in the past, which he explained is someone appointed who can replace an active board member who is unable to attend a meeting.

“It’s good to rotate people,” he said. “Change is good sometimes.”

E911 Director Chuck Davis was contacted concerning the resignations. “I have no comment or reaction,” he said. He did add that the board is comprised of 10 members, 51 percent from law enforcement and the others are like the Emergency Management Director Danny Moses, the jail, and so on.

County Projects Director Amber Owens said the members of the board include Board chair Jerry Rains, vice-chair Constable Ron Bowling, Whitley County Chief Deputy KY Fuson, Moses, county treasurer Jeffrey Gray, Bill Rose from the Corbin Police Department, Bird, Davis, a representative from the Kentucky State Police, as well as one from KSP’s Post 11 dispatch center.

Owens said the board “is different in that county employees” are members.

He also said that decisions made at that board dictate the operation of the 911 center. “Any personnel issues, or policy and procedure issues go through the board,” she said.