, Corbin, KY

November 30, 2012

Sheriff’s Dept. budget received in Knox Co.

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By John L. Ross, Staff Writer

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department 2013 budget was received by the Knox Fiscal Court Wednesday.

No decisions were made concerning the budget — the Court simply unanimously agreed to acknowledge the budget was received.

The estimated price tag for 2013 is $950,000.

The breakdown of the budget is as follows:

Total revenues brought in by the department itself (without county monies) estimates to be $574,800.

The biggest chunk of that amount comes from commissions on taxes collected, which is estimated to be $290,000.

The second largest portion of receivables comes from services performed by the department, which includes auto inspections, providing accident and/or police reports, serving legal papers, and CCDW (carrying concealed deadly weapon) licensing. That estimate comes to $83,800, $60,000 of which comes from serving papers.

The third highest estimates are $61,000 for interest from taxes and/or penalties, and $60,000 from the County Clerk’s office for collected delinquent taxes.

There are funds coming from the state. The Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund (KLEFPF) supports peace officers though training provided by the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) and rewards participating officers through a pay incentive stipend. The Knox Sheriff’s Department expects $25,000 from the group.

Approximately $38,000 should come from finance and administration and another $200 from the state’s property tax program.

The Circuit Clerk’s office estimates it will bring in approximately $9,750; $3,850 in collected fines and fees, $600 for pictures and CDs, and $5,300 from Telecom.

Transport estimates total $5,800, and Fiscal Court, including the Election Commission, is expected to bring in $1,000.

Once those revenues are realized, added to the estimate is $375,000 subsidized by the Fiscal Court.

Expenses for the Sheriff’s Department are as follows:

Personal services are expected to total $514,982, which includes salaries. Salaries of the deputies and sheriff require the most monies, the sheriff’s gross salary being $88,278 annually, and the total deputies’ gross salaries are $371,904 annually. Overtime estimates are set for $30,000, and another $24,800 is set aside for the KLEFPF.

Employee benefits to be paid in 2013 total $244,018. Retirement monies total $101,066; health insurance, $98,851; employer’s part to social security, $37,101; unemployment, $3,000; and $4,000 for Training Fringe Benefits.

The budget for supplies and materials totals $129,000. The breakdown for this portion of the budget leaves fuel at the top of the list of expenses totaling approximately $77,000. Office supplies total $27,000; uniforms and the fee for the sheriff’s audit total $10,000 each; and office support and repairs is budgeted for $5,000.

Contracted services account for $31,000 of the budget. Vehicle maintenance is budgeted $25,000; $2,000 is set aside for advertising, and $4,000 is reserved for a copier lease.

The remainder of the budget is grouped together as “other charges,” which totals $31,000.

The Sheriff’s Department was approved for a $100,000 loan during Wednesday’s Fiscal Court meeting. Judge Executive J.M Hall explained that as the department operates its budget on a calendar year rather than a fiscal year, they are required to close current bank accounts out and open new ones for the new year.

In the interim, Hall said, the department is left with no funds. The monies approved will allow the department to run its day-to-day operations until it receives its budgeted monies for 2013.

Hall said the loaned money is then sent back to county coffers.

The budget at this time has not been officially reviewed or voted on by the Knox County Fiscal Court. The next meeting of Fiscal Court is slated for 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 19 at the Knox County Fiscal Courtroom in Barbourville.