, Corbin, KY

January 16, 2014

Master Street overflow discussed

CUC looking at fixing, increasing sewer line capacity, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff Writer

“We may have a capacity problem on Master Street that we need to fix.”

That’s what Corbin Utilities Commission General Manager Ron Herd said about a problem that’s plagued motorists driving down Master Street during times of heavy rains.

The water over the roadway could be getting a fix in the near future.

Herd brought that up during the CUC board’s regular meeting Tuesday at their office on Cumberland Falls Highway.

He added that fixing the Master Street problem was discussed on Dec. 11 during a meeting between himself and GRW Engineering, a firm who consults the utility commission on engineering matters.

Personnel from GRW were there to go over the engineering report on the commission’s wastewater treatment plant flow upgrade project.

The project’s preliminary cost is estimated at $9,704,000.

During the session, the sanitary sewer overflow problem on Master Street was brought up. In his General Manager’s Report, Herd noted it was thought the problem was due to the large amount of surface water that gets into the sanitary sewer system backing up the lines from Pump Station #1.

For their review of the conditions, GRW was shown a map of the drainage basin for the sanitary sewer overflow manholes on Master Street.

Personnel from GRW believe the sanitary sewer overflow problem at the Master Street manholes may be a capacity problem with the 10-inch sewer main which carries the flow to the pump station.

Looking more into the capacity of the lines, and the amount of flow into the lines during heavy rains, Herd said it could lead to a sanitary sewer main replacement project along Master Street to Pump Station #1.

“They may have to increase the sewer line capacity on Master Street. It can’t carry the water from the rains,” said Herd.

He also reported to the board that the total work completed to date on the KY 1232 sewer extension project in Knox County comes to $269,508.80. Herd mentioned the contractor hasn’t submitted a pay request since the second pay request, and has been paid to date a total of $256,033.36, with $13,475.44 being held in retainage.

Currently, the contract amount on the project is $937,945. A total of $1,297,119 in state and federal grants has been set aside for the project.

Herd also said the contractor has started work on two water line relocation projects involving two Kentucky Department of Highways bridge replacement projects. One is along Ky. 6, with the other one along Ky. 3437.