, Corbin, KY

November 13, 2013

Laurel School System gets ‘clean’ audit, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By LeeAnn Cain / Staff Writer

Representatives with Cloyd & Associates attended the Laurel County Board of Education meeting Monday to report the 2012-2013 audit for the Laurel County School System came out clean.

Madgel Miller, with Cloyd & Associates, said the report offered a “clean” or an “unmodified opinion,” meaning that the audit numbers came out correctly.

Miller then highlighted the individual parts of the audit.

She explained the audit ran from July 1, 2012 through June 30. According to the audit, the school has a “net position” of roughly $68.3 million — meaning those are the monies the school system has to work with.

Miller also told board members the net change in funding was $5,301,748, showing a gain from the previous year. The net change in proprietary funding (food service, etc.) showed a net loss of $118,773. However, Miller added that the proprietary fund has approximately $9 million in its coffers.

Miller further explained to board members the school system faced an “extensive” audit, as $500,000 in federal grant money was received.

The audit showed no financial findings, according to Miller. “This is the audit you want, and it’s the audit you got,” she said, adding they received documents requested in a timely manner from school staffers with no issues. No decision was required on this report.

In other business:

—A PRIDE grant of $5,750 was approved for Hazel Green Elementary School, North Laurel Middle School, South Laurel High School, and South Laurel Middle School. Board member Tommy Smith asked if all schools could apply for the grant, and Bennett said that any school could. The grant is annual, and according to Superintendent Doug Bennett it goes to help students gain pride in their environment and community through environmental activities, such as litter pickup.

—A bid for the construction of a turning lane for the new Career Readiness Center was unanimously rejected by board members. According to Bennett, there was only one bid submitted for the amount of $248,000, and the State Highway Department would only reimburse the school system for $160,000. The bid was over budget, according to Bennett, who assured the board that there would be other options instead of a turn lane.

—A change order was approved in the amount of $1,250 on the Laurel County Security Vestibules Project.

—According to Bennett, as of October the McDaniel Learning Center saw 102 students successfully complete the program, with 88 graduating and 14 receiving their GEDs. The McDaniel Center is meant to serve students who, through one circumstance or another, might be unable to complete school.