, Corbin, KY

October 9, 2013

Potter-Spicer gets 32-year sentence


CORBIN — By John L. Ross / Staff Writer

Now it’s official — Anthony Edward Potter-Spicer, 31, convicted in July of attempted murder and first-degree assault, was sentenced by Judge Dan Ballou Monday in Whitley County Circuit Court.

An eight-woman, five-man jury in July handed down a 32-year sentence — and Ballou agreed with jurors in court Monday.

Potter-Spicer was found guilty of taking a knife and stabbing his former girlfriend, Ashley Warren, 16 times in a February attack outside the home Potter-Spicer rented.

Warren, mother of three children, one of them with her attacker, was one of four witnesses who took the stand to testify against Potter-Spicer in July.

“All I could think about was my girls — my three babies,” Warren tearfully testified. “(I was) not sure I (would) ever see them again.”

She said that when the last stab wound was inflicted to her neck — Potter-Spicer said if he could not have her, then no one would.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Allen Trimble said during court proceedings in July that Potter-Spicer “knew he was going to try to kill her.”

“Fifteen of (those stab wounds) are assault in the first,” Trimble said. “The last one – that’s the criminal attempt to commit murder.”

During closing arguments, Trimble loudly beat his hand against the podium, asking jurors to think about getting stabbed that many times.

“She was pleading for her life,” he said.

Potter-Spicer was represented in court by attorney Jim Wren — who has vowed appeal.

“We definitely will appeal,” Wren said in July, adding the appeal would be on the grounds of “one course of action” during the attack as well as the double-jeopardy clause.

After court Monday he was returned to the custody of the Whitley County Detention Center.