, Corbin, KY

August 23, 2013

Laurel Fiscal Court accepts tax rates

The Times-Tribune


By Charlotte Underwood / Staff Writer

The Laurel County Fiscal Court accepted tax rates for the 2013-2014 fiscal year for special districts during its regularly scheduled meeting held on Thursday morning.

Tax rates stayed the same with the exception of County Extension Office Personal Property which was 3.75 cents last year and was increased to 4.30 this year and real property was 2.4 cents last year and increased to 2.6 cents this year.

Other tax rates showed no increase from the prior year, leaving the county rate for real property at 6.20 cents and personal property at 6.20.

Soil Conservation tax remained at 0.004 cents, and the public library rate at 8.0 for real property and 13.83 for personal property. Bush Fire Department District will continue to collect at 5.70 cents per $1,000. The Laurel County Health Department tax remained at 4.0 for all three entities of real property, personal property and motor vehicle. The county motor vehicle tax and watercraft remained at 10 cents, respectively.

Laurel County Judge Executive David Westerfield explained that magistrates and the fiscal court do not set or approve the tax rates, they simply listen to the reading of the proposed rates and approve the document.

Tax rates generate monies for special districts and are applied according to the value of property, motor craft and vehicles.