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April 18, 2008

Options weighed on 10th Str. reconstruction

By Sean Bailey

Staff Writer

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet held a public information meeting for the proposed reconstruction of 10th Street in Williamsburg on Thursday.

Sandy Rudder, public information officer for the transportation cabinet said the proposal includes widening the road between KY 92 and the Second Street intersection, building a raised bridge over Brier Creek, and a safer intersection at Second Street. The reconstruction is projected to begin 2010.

Transportation Cabinet Branch Engineer Joey Mosley said there are two proposed options for the 10th and Second Street intersection. One is a traditional “signal” intersection — one that uses lights to control traffic. The other option would be a European-style roundabout.

“The roundabout could be slightly more expensive than the traditional intersection, but it would be more safe, and it would increase road capacity,” Mosley said.

Mosley added that roundabouts are relatively new to the area, but there would be town meetings and signage to clear up any confusion. Locally, the Knox County Courthouse is located in the middle of a roundabout.

The grade of the road would also be raised, which would fix the extremely sharp curve that now exists just before Brier Creek. Flooding problems associated with the creek would also be addressed by the reconstruction.

“The creek gets wild at times and floods in heavy rain. There will be a new raised bridge to alleviate the problem,” Mosley said.

Several homes along 10th Street will have to be demolished for the reconstruction. Terry Petry’s home is one of the properties that is in the proposed path of the new road.

“We’ve been told that we would be re-located to what they said would be a comparable lodging. It seems like we will be accommodated,” Terry Petrey said.

The accommodations won’t make the move completely easy, though. Terry’s son Andrew has only known one home his entire life.

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