, Corbin, KY

March 6, 2013

Who was the writer of the NIBROC letter?

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Both local newspapers had letters to the Editor attributed to the “Southern Kentucky Chamber Of Commerce Board Of Directors.” I immediately remembered Abbot and Costello’s famous question in their 1942 Movie, “Who done it?”

First, the letter by the Chamber Board had questionable data that should have been confirmed by effective Board Members before they use this inaccurate data in a public criticism of our city leaders. It would be interesting to know which Board members approved, and who wrote the letter. Someone with authority of the Board should have signed the letter. Who done it?

Second, our city leaders have in public meetings provided all of us their reasons for changes in where NIBROC will be held. There has been strong community support for their decision except from the group known as the “Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.”  Who are you, who, who, who, who?

Third, during the ten plus years Corbin has struggled to gain a rightful share of the Knox County Occupational taxes collected from businesses and workers in Corbin Knox County this Chamber of Commerce has done nothing to support our city government. The Chamber has not stood up for our businesses and workers in Corbin Knox County who deserve their own local taxes be used to provide improved quality of life for those who pay these taxes. I believe any effective Chamber of Commerce should be upset when a County Government’s only suggestion for Corbin to gain occupational taxes is to add-on another 1 percent on businesses and workers. Where, oh, where, have you been?

Fourth, the Chamber should not have a selfish agenda. Its purpose must be to help make our community better and provide our businesses and people more opportunities. It is time to end the era of bossism and replace it with “we the people!” The buck stops at the top and when a group sends out a public letter the person at the top should sign it! Who done it?

Bob Terrell, Corbin