, Corbin, KY

February 5, 2013

Rank has its privileges unfortunately

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN —  I’m one of your London subscribers and I enjoy your paper for several reasons.

One of the items that I’ve always looked forward to reading is John Burkhart’s Saturday religious column. I am not of the same religious persuasion as Rev. Burkhart, but I do appreciate what he writes. He’s an excellent writer who does not shy away from controversial religious topics. He’s also one of the few preachers I’m aware of who tells it like it is, as opposed to telling it like the congregation would prefer to have it told.

That being the case, I noticed that his column has been moved from the top to the middle position of the Religion page. Since I’m well aware that the top of a newspaper page is normally reserved for the most important articles, I wondered what had caused this recent shift? I don’t know Brad Hall, but as soon as I read that he is the nighttime editor of the paper I had little doubt concerning the answer to my question.  

As we used to say in the military: “Rank has its privileges.” Rather unfortunate in this case.

Henry R. Kramer, Lt Col USAF (Ret), London