, Corbin, KY

November 1, 2012

Say ‘No’ to Stivers

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — As a candidate for re-election as a Corbin City Commissioner I want the people of Corbin, especially East Corbin/Knox County, to be aware of an issue I and the City of Corbin have with Sen. Robert Stivers.

Sen. Stivers in the last General Assembly in Frankfort tried to introduce Senate Bill 200 that would freeze the legal action that would allow the City of Corbin to collect its long overdue Occupational Tax from Knox County. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case and sent it back down to the lower courts to allow Corbin to collect the tax. We won, yet Robert Stivers still tried to introduce SB200. The bill was hopelessly stuck in committee and no other senators would touch it.

In a last minute effort, Stivers attached SFA3 (Senate Floor Amendment 3) to House Bill 499, which was an emergency funding bill that was greatly needed for the State of Kentucky. SFA3 had absolutely nothing to do with HB 499.

The amendment, worded the same way as SB200, stopped Corbin from collecting the occupational tax from Knox County. He has made a mockery of our court system and denied me as the plaintiff in the suit “due process of the law.” This not only hurt the people of the Knox County side of Corbin, but every resident, taxpayer and business owner in Corbin.

When you go to the polls next Tuesday, say “NO” to Robert Stivers and the arrogance and self-interest that is holding Corbin hostage!

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Joe Butch White