, Corbin, KY

February 20, 2013

Can we ever change our minds on annexation?

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN —  If Corbin and London each had populations of around 15,000 this area would command enormous interest just like Georgetown, Danville, Richmond, Elizabethtown, and Nicholasville. We could attract more businesses to our area and many young people could find more jobs in our Tri-County area. Some of these youngsters we love so much would not have to move to distant places.

Some people are totally against annexation even though their insurance rates would drop; they would get improved police and fire protection, and would see the likelihood of their property values improving. Some will not even consider it could be better for them and their families.

Tattersall has sewer problems and yet they let millions of dollars of grant money slip away that could have corrected these problems. Progress is often stopped by those who scream the loudest.

I agree many parts of our rural area should stay in the county and not in the city but some properties near the edge of cities could help make them stronger with more opportunity for growth and careers right here at home. Some businesses in South Laurel County would like to be part of Corbin but this is not possible because of legislation directed at Corbin years ago. This legislation prohibited Kentucky cities from incorporating in more than two counties.

It is well known the most successful cities are those with room for growth. Jacksonville, Fla., had this advantage. Montreal, Canada, has been an example and their rural area prospered as well. Oklahoma City had sufficient land for growth as did Dallas. People in and around Nicholasville have worked together and that area, city and county have prospered. Area teamwork is the key to long term success and improved quality of life.

Some persons would rather stubbornly run smack into a brick wall of failure than to study the facts and have an open mind in making decisions. I wish we had more jobs for our people right here at home but don’t whine for jobs if you are one of those holding our children and grandchildren back. The potential of this area is remarkable but potential is worth nothing without people doing their best to take advantage of that potential. Can’t we work together for our kids? Can’t we work together to make our area the best it can be? A county with strong cities prospers and grows! An area that fights and bickers among its own people will eventually die from its own stagnation. Let’s be the best we can be!

Bob Terrell,