, Corbin, KY

December 21, 2012

Economic development plan needed for progress

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — We received report cards when we were in school. We receive fitness reports in the Military and performance reviews at work. Employees should understand their job descriptions, objectives, and how performance is measured. Periodic reviews should be conducted to measure progress in meeting objectives.

Team members should know the purpose of the organization. Example, the major goal in coaching football is to win games. The main purpose of an Economic Development Director is not running the Chamber of Commerce, nor is it running NIBROC or Tourism. The purpose is to bring in jobs and help and promote local businesses.

The City pays most of the costs of Economic Development for the Corbin Industrial Commission and two business park authorities including office space, employees and administrative costs. The City of Corbin has virtually no authority on anything that takes place in the Industrial Commission or two Business Park Authority meetings.

Since January 2006, how much money has Corbin spent on Economic Development — hundreds of thousands of dollars. How many new businesses were added to the business parks? ZERO! There have been no businesses added and the only change is that we have a five year old empty spec building gradually wearing out and costing upkeep. If you don’t have a plan of action to know where you are going, how will you ever know if you get there?

Bob Terrell, Corbin