, Corbin, KY

October 4, 2012

Connect with your partner through ballroom dancing

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Ballroom dancing is a safe, clean, enjoyable and morally acceptable sport!

Dance Sport is a worldwide activity now connected to Olympic sports.

A lifetime sport, ballroom dancing provides many physical, mental and social benefits from early child to senior years. Ballroom dance relieves stress, builds confidence, improves posture, tones the entire body and is enjoyable exercise. Unlike so many sports activities, ballroom dance is a physically safe sport for all ages!

Learning to dance as a young adult provides continuing benefits at weddings, social events and vacations. Dancing together will add a new and beneficial dimension to any relationship not to mention your own self-esteem.

Today, in the eyes of many, ballroom dancing is associated with the popular TV show, “Dancing With the Stars.” When in reality, ballroom dancing is not what is portrayed on TV: rather, social ballroom dancers are properly dressed and dance in a modest, non-offensive fashion.

What better way to connect with your partner than through ballroom dancing?

Albert Balla,

Master Dance Instructor