, Corbin, KY

June 4, 2013

Occupational tax ruling a travesty

The Times-Tribune


 I want people to do well in Knox County. I want their school system to improve and for more jobs to be developed for all our people. Knox County has fine teachers, children and wonderful people.

The ruling by Judge Lay against Corbin on the Knox County occupational tax was a travesty of justice. He should have stepped aside because of his close political connections to that case.

It is not right for the Knox County Fiscal Court and city of Barbourville to share 100 percent of an occupational tax produced by Corbin’s Knox County businesses and workers with Corbin sharing none of the tax.

Knox County leaders have a reputation for incompetence in leadership. Their problems such as hospital construction overruns and management, their poor state audit report and poor handling of road contracts, their ranking as one of the highest Kentucky counties in local fees and tax rates they impose on their people, the poor ranking on education and the loss of jobs are a loud message that changes need to be made. Knox County leaders need a strong dose of integrity. The problems of Knox County are not because of the teachers, are not because of bad workers, but they result from bad leadership.

I don’t believe any honest person could be happy knowing he or she was taking the money that belongs to another person. The City of Corbin houses and pays the expenses for managing the two business parks in Knox County. Corbin has the Senior Citizens Center just across the river from Knox County and Corbin’s Recreational Center and library provide services to Knox County citizens. When it comes to Knox County, they expect Corbin to carry the entire load.

Bob Terrell, Corbin