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February 25, 2014

History 101 for Mitch McConnell

CORBIN — Sen. Mitch McConnell claims to be the great reducer of government spending. So, Mitch, who was the last Republican president to balance the budget? It was our great President Eisenhower 54 years ago in 1960. He balanced the budget once in eight years.

Presidents Nixon and Ford never balanced the budget in eight years. President Reagan never balanced the budget in eight years and the deficit tripled. President Bush the first never balanced the budget in four years. President George W. Bush never balanced the budget in eight years and the deficit doubled. GOP presidents had one balanced budget in 36 years! Brag Mitch, brag!

President Clinton balanced the budget four times in eight years. That’s three more times in eight years than GOP Presidents in 36 years. Clinton is the only president who balanced it when Mitch was in the Senate!

The U.S. economy crashed in the Great Depression in the late 1920s with Herbert Hoover as president. President W. Bush was there when we were hammered by the second huge depression starting in 2007. Two Republican presidents led our nation into economic chaos.  

I personally know retirement plans do much better with Democratic presidents. Social Security and Medicare were signed into law by Democratic presidents. President Roosevelt made it possible for veterans to be educated with the GI Bill.  

The GOP prefers paying big subsidies to record-profit oil companies rather than to take care of the hungry and poor. The GOP wants to shut down our post sffices and always opposes increasing the minimum wage. Look at the facts. The GOP wanted to privatize VA Hospitals and strip down our public schools. The GOP is the party of the 1 percent. The Democrats are the party of the people.

Bob Terrell,



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