, Corbin, KY

January 13, 2014

The unscrewing of Ernie’s Spirits, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Justice finally prevailed for Ernie’s Spirits, of Corbin, with the decision of an independent hearing officer who could not be corrupted with political maneuvering and ruled in favor of Ernie’s.

Ernie’s Spirits has been the victim of greed and dirty politics from Corbin to Frankfort.

Consider the profits lost by Ernie’s for a year and the profits earned selling liquor with no close competition by others for a year.

After this show of political corruption by the ABC, the governor needs to replace every member and reorganize the staff.

Several years ago, in Corbin, the ABC failed to act on a forged application, and issued a liquor license to a local restaurant. The restaurant presented to the ABC for a few years a clearly forged consent from the lessor for the lessee to sell alcoholic drinks on the premises. When the evidence of forgery was presented to the ABC, it refused to take any action or revoke the license.

The difference in these two cases was that the complaining party in the restaurant case did not have the political influence nor was inclined to go the “political route” with the ramifications of what that would mean.

I recommend that at Ernie’s grand opening, it serve “Ernie’s Classic Screwdriver” to commemorate its treatment by the ABC. I, for one, will be there.

David O. Smith