, Corbin, KY

August 2, 2012

Thanks to Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter and Williamsburg Veterinarian Clinic

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — I would like to thank Knox Whitley Animal Shelter and the Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic for their kindness.

A dog came to my house and was injured. Not knowing what was wrong, I tried to treat this very loving animal, a border collie we called “Bear.” Unable to keep him, we took him to the shelter and sponsored him so he was taken care of, made adoptable and “free to a loving home.”

This dog shook hands, loved my granddaughter and will win your heart.

His injuries were caused by a bullet. That someone in our community could be so cruel sickens me.

With Michael Culliver’s help, this “Bear” is recovering and is adoptable.

Please remember Deanna, the Knox-Whitley Shelter and good-hearted veterinarians when you speak of good kind people.

Missy Sams, Lily