, Corbin, KY

June 14, 2012

Chamber members should not have to pay higher price to hear Gov. Beshear speak, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Mayor Willard McBurney and our City Commission have developed a solid relationship with Gov. Steve Beshear. We tried for years to get a democratic governor invited to speak at our Chamber and finally with the leadership of McBurney an invitation was extended to the governor and he graciously accepted.

McBurney has tried to communicate effectively with both political parties for the good of our people. I attended Chamber luncheons when the speakers were Sen. McConnell, former Sen. Bunning, Sen. Paul, Rep. Rogers, Gov. Fletcher, and State Sen. David Williams. In the past 15 years I don’t remember any democratic governor being invited to speak.

I salute McBurney for gaining Beshear’s support for projects in our community. Let’s face it; Corbin gets no support or help from the governments of Knox or Whitley Counties. Rep. Regina Bunch is an exception and is a very strong advocate for all our people in this area.

Now let’s get to the heart of unfairness. The Chamber in all its luncheons for republican governors, senators, congressional representatives, state senators, and other republicans never hiked the luncheon price when they have spoken. For Beshear’s appearance they have nearly doubled the price. I believe “We Have Lost Our Common Sense!” I was told it was because there was going to be flowers, fancy tablecloths, china and this was to make the governor feel welcome. The people will make him feel welcome.

The Steve Beshear I know cut his own salary 10 percent when he became governor, cut in half the cost of his recent inauguration, and I know he would rather have as many people at this luncheon as possible. My phone has been ringing off from people asking, “Why is the Whitley County Greater Chamber so unfair with our democratic governor?” Beshear is not coming here to make a political speech but he is interested in all the people of Kentucky. Those of us who can afford $20 should pay it, but those who can’t should only have to pay $9. This is grossly unfair for the people of Corbin to be gouged when a democratic governor who is helping us comes to address our people!

Bob Terrell, Corbin