, Corbin, KY

June 11, 2012

Annexation request is about the money, Corbin, KY


My stomach I turned as I read the articles in the papers about the May Corbin commissioners meeting: “Walmart asks to be annexed.” Why do you ask?  Because of “lies.”

Laws and freedoms should benefit all, not just the rich and famous at the cost of many! This country is now being sold out for power of the “almighty dollar” at the cost of lies to become richer and more powerful and controlling. They use the lobbyists who work for dollars who approach the people’s representatives to shape the laws and fill the pockets of rich at the cost of the poor and not so rich. You elected officials are to represent all, not the greed of the few!

It makes me sick to have Nicole Creekmore of the local Walmart lie about the West Knox Volunteer Fire Department when she said during a public meeting that it took that department 45 minutes to respond to a wreck. The public dispatch record indicates firefighters and the ambulance were dispatched at 1:35 p.m. and were on their way at l:37 p.m. Firefighters arrived six minutes later and the ambulance arrived at 1:50 p.m.

These men and women are very quick to respond and very efficient. They, along with other fire departments, move quickly to meet the needs of their neighbors, friends, and passersby in our communities.

I think that our newspapers and other media should publish this record for all to see the truth. Why the lies, greed, and beer at the cost of our volunteers’ reputation?

Creekmore said Walmart, the great powerful and rich company, “is willing to take whatever steps necessary needed to change the law.” Does that mean to lie, put influence on the men and women who are to represent all, for dollars? She also says, “Walmart’s attorneys are working to get the law changed.”

Does that mean with lies and dollars? People, call your representatives and let them know they represent you, not companies with “lies” and “dollars.” Send a letter to Walmart in Bentonville, Ark., saying “We don’t appreciate your lies about the men and women who volunteer their time to protect their community. They are in constant training and respond to the needs of their community, so why would you tell lies for a few dollars?”

Walmart might fire this young lady, but you see their willingness to put down the responders in our community. Write letters to the editors as well. These volunteers are dedicated to meeting the community’s needs during fires, car wrecks, lost children. People, what would you do without them?

Shannon T. Hall, Corbin