, Corbin, KY

May 15, 2014

Sheriff Harrell has done a fantastic job

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — If folks in Whitley County and other Kentucky counties would put their efforts in the right place, Kentucky’s jails would be filled with “Drug Thugs.”

Our court system and the powers that be refuse to fund more jails to incarcerate the Drug Thugs because so many whining families don’t like their “li’l darlings” being in jail for “so-called” non-violent crimes.

It is very difficult to stop the drug problem when you have a legislature and a federal government that are soft on drugs and insist upon those thugs who have been caught, charged, convicted and placed in jail being given lighter sentences because of overcrowding. Could it be that the legislature should do its job and fund more jails so those criminals finish the sentences they were given initially?

Did any of you people ever consider that it takes far too many $500 or more controlled drug buys before many counties and the state will even consider bringing charges? Is it the fault of “our” sheriff that the court system and legislature require these kinds of things before charges can be brought to the forefront so that the Drug Thugs can be charged and convicted?

In my opinion, Sheriff Colan Harrell has done a fantastic job.

If you want to complain about the drug problem take a hard look at the legislature, the state and the county prosecution system that require so many controlled drug buys before charges can be brought against the Drug Thugs.

If our current sheriff only had a tenth of the drug busts he has had it would be a great improvement over the corrupt departments that came before him. I for one appreciate the job that our current sheriff’s department is doing.  

Think y’all — I support Colan Harrell for sheriff against all the other candidates opposing him.

Bob Cureton,