, Corbin, KY

August 14, 2012

Where is the justice for the Bunch family?

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — To the people of Whitley County, where is the justice for Dewayne Bunch and Regina and their family? What was the judge thinking when he sentenced the boys who caused Dewayne’s injury?

I’m not the judge, only God is. I’m not putting all the blame on those boys, I don’t even know them — but God does.

Most of us would like to say they are young boys, but they were big enough to fight and their actions took the life of a young husband, father, and a great leader and teacher. How many more people have to get hurt before our justice system figures this out.

I pray to God that those boys stay out of trouble and realize what their actions did to a wonderful family. I pray for these boys that they learned a valuable lesson from fighting. I can’t begin to know how their parents feel. I know it would tear me apart. Are they praying with their boys about what they did? Did the boys learn a lesson from what they caused because they were fighting? Was 80 days long enough to teach them right from wrong or will they feel they got off easy and go on doing wrong with no regret or remorse for what happened?

Gob bless Regina and her girls. They have suffered a daddy taken away too young and a slap in the face with this ruling.

God please bless our nation and our young people.

Andra Gail Deering-Begley,