, Corbin, KY

August 14, 2012

Hidden costs in renewing car tags must be removed

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Did you know that when you have to renew your tags for your car that there may be a hidden cost to you that you did not even know?

It seems that there is a Kentucky law that states that if you trade or sell your existing car, when the tags are due for your newer vehicle you are liable for the taxes on a vehicle you no longer own. So, in a way, you are paying double for your new car tags.

This is a law that must be removed. For example, in other states such as Arizona, New Jersey, and even Ohio, once you purchase a new vehicle you only have to pay for the tags for the new vehicle — not for something that you don’t even own.

Here is another way to look at it. Let’s say you have already traded your older vehicle for a new one and paid the taxes for the tags on the new one. A year later you receive a notice to renew your new tags and the cost is $249.72. So when you go down to pay for the tags, you discover that you still owe $174.26 in taxes on the vehicle you sold. Now here comes the problem — in order to get your new tags, you have to pay $423.98 or risk driving on expired tags and possibly getting a ticket.

This law needs to be looked into and, if at all possible, removed. There are those on tight budges and this is an added expense that they cannot afford.

Paying taxes is one thing, but for something you don’t even own, it is out of the question.

Edward R. Rhodes,