, Corbin, KY

May 15, 2014

Harrell is a proven leader for Whitley Sheriff

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — As the primary election approaches, I have studied and thought about the best candidates for the job for the next four years. After being retired for years I have enjoyed following the campaign trails in all of the surrounding counties and reviewing the facts versus the fiction.

As most of us in this area know it doesn’t take long for the mud to fly during local elections. Most of all, some of the people who write in complaints really have no insight or common sense when it comes to blasting our current Whitley County Sheriff. When Mr. Colan Harrell ran for his current seat he announced all of his ideas to better the department. All of those he has done. He started without proper equipment and brought that status to a excellent fleet to better serve the public. He also announced he would have all trained and certified officers. That was also followed through with success. Also drug roundups have taken place the entire term and not just at campaign time as another person noted in a letter to the editor. Facts are facts, all you have to do is read, study and follow the news for the full four years and not just at campaign time.

Another thought crossed my mind last week when the letter to the editor came out and someone had a complaint about all of the needles in Williamsburg. My first thought was this woman hasn’t done her research the last four years because needles have been a problem for decades, not just the last four years. Not to mention, if they were a problem in the city, she shouldn’t have a problem with the county sheriff, because he is elected as a county official and not a city official. Next on her agenda was the sheriff’s department’s purchase of a truck which she stated Harrell drove. Obviously she hasn’t studied that either because a deputy actually drives the truck and the sheriff drives the same vehicle he had when he took office — a used Ford Expedition. Lastly this great complaint writer expressed some negativity about Mr. Harrell’s “30 years” with the state police — once again, he retired from the state police with over 40 years of service.

As we have the right to voice opinion in this great country, I felt I should voice mine also to make sure some of those negative issues were addressed for some of the folks who may not know the truth. I personally think anyone with over 40 years of service deserves recognition and respect for his knowledge and dedication. I believe that speaks for itself for the people who can see past the trash and faulty information.

I ask that you review the last four or even the last 30 years of law enforcement in Whitley County, and if you don’t see improvement, chances are that you won’t in the next 30 either because some you just can’t be satisfied. However it is my belief to keep Sheriff Colan Harrell — he is your proven leader for this office — certified, trained and proven.

Randall Broughton,