, Corbin, KY

June 11, 2012

Voters want Hammons now, Corbin, KY


Whitley County has sent a clear, firm message to its judge/executive and his appointed county attorney — Whitley County wants Bob Hammons as Whitley County attorney now.

The appointed county attorney can hold the office for the rest of this year — however, he should resign now and Mr. White, our elected county judge/executive should immediately appoint Bob Hammons as county attorney.

Mr. Hammons is an experienced county attorney with an unblemished record and needs to be in charge of this important office now. He doesn’t have to learn the job and his experienced assistants are not on a learning curve like the current appointed county attorney and his staff.

We are wasting tax money for an appointed county attorney to learn the job he has to vacate in November.

Don’t let them waste your lax dollars — call Mr. Moses at 606-549-6005 and Mr. White at 606-549-6000 and request that the non-elected county attorney resign now and that Bob Hammons be appointed now.

Your vote counted — don’t let them take it away.

David O. Smith, Corbin