, Corbin, KY

September 17, 2013

Jailer feels sheriff’s dept. ‘has been a joke’


CORBIN — Editor’s note: This is in response to an ad for Sheriff Colan Harrell that appeared on Page 2 of the Sept. 7-8 weekend edition of the Times-Tribune.

First of all, when you were sworn in on Jan. 2, 2011, you inherited the same thing as every other sheriff who was elected in Whitley County for over 30 years — the other administration’s equipment — you were no worse or no better.

You are not the only sheriff Whitley County has had that bought new cruisers. Sheriff Lawrence Hodge bought 12 new vehicles, including the Expeditions that you are now driving, and he bought them locally from Paul Steely Ford. Where did your six Dodge Chargers come from?

All sheriffs before you had certified deputies, and they also worked court security. And your drug roundups, as you want to call them, are “pure jokes.”

You arrested 60- to 74-year-olds that sold or gave one or two pills back five to six years ago.

If you want to see a drug roundup, watch Williamsburg Police Department do one, or the Kentucky State Police. If it were not for the Williamsburg Police Department, Corbin Police or Kentucky State Police, this county would be dangerous.

This is the worst “Sheriff’s” department I have seen in Whitley County, and I have worked law enforcement here all my life!

You ask the people of Whitley County if they are satisfied. They call your office and you do not show up!

As far as communication between law enforcement agencies, it’s the worst it’s ever been in 40 years. Your sheriff’s department is and has been a joke! Don’t start tooting your horn because it’s election time again, that horn won’t blow!

Ken Mobley,

Whitley County Jailer,

Candidate for Sheriff May 20, 2014 Primary