, Corbin, KY

March 21, 2013

Fans do not drive ‘one-and-done’ rule

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — The article written by Chris Parsons titled “Wildcats need to look forward instead of up” makes a statement that infers that Kentucky fans enjoy seeing their players jump to the NBA after one season. It makes the statement, “the way this year’s team has played is the price Kentucky fans have to pay if they want to continuously be the gear that drives the one-and-done machine.”

Kentucky fans are not the gear that drives one-and-done. The NCAA is where the rule originated. Coach Calipari didn’t make the rule and has said on several occasions he doesn’t like the rule. The fans surely didn’t make the rule and, as a lifetime fan, I don’t like the rule either. Fans, and likely the coach, would love to see these young men return until their senior year and keep those great teams together. But the rule is there and no one can blame these kids for wanting to go pro and take advantage of the monetary offers, especially those kids with families that are less advantaged than others. Besides, no NBA scout is going after someone they believe to be unqualified.

To infer that fans are the ones driving this is just not true and, by the way, the colleges are not happy with it either.

Kentucky is fortunate and proud to have one of the best recruiters, if not the best, in college basketball, even if it’s not recognized by some sports writers.

Norman Wooldridge,