, Corbin, KY

January 13, 2014

Affordable Care Act insults the American people, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — There are five reasons that the Affordable Care Act — aided by the mainstream media — insults the American people.

First, fewer people have insurance because the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, forced their policies to be cancelled.

Second, the average deductible in 2014 for people who had private insurance in 2013 and still have it in 2014 is much greater.

Third, more people are on Medicaid in 2014 than were enrolled in the public assistance program in 2013.

Fourth, in order to pass the law, Americans were lied to by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Lie No. 1: Even if you liked your plan, you often didn’t get to keep it.

Lie No. 2: Even if you loved your doctor, he or she may no longer be in your network, the president’s promise notwithstanding.

Lie No. 3: The total cost of individual policies for the privately insured — including the higher deductibles — will not be lower in 2014 than it was in 2013. (Even though President Obama promised an average premium savings of $2,500.

Lie No. 4: The expansion of the number of enrollees in Medicaid is a good thing. It isn’t.

The fifth and final reason that Obamacare insults America is that any person with common sense knew the promises and numbers did not add up. The final insult is that Obama, Reid and Pelosi believed most Americans lacked the common sense to see through the lies of Obamacare.

These insults would not have been possible without the connivance of the mainstream news media. The mainstream news media has cheated the American people when reporting on Obamacare and when failing to report the obvious lies associated with it. These lies (if you like your insurance policy you can keep it, healthcare will be cheaper etc.) could have been disproved by an honest, responsible media.  Instead, the mainstream media aided and abetted the lies by not investigating, not using common sense, and not reporting inconsistencies and blatant lies. Neither is the mainstream media investigating why more than $500 million was spent on a website that shouldn’t have cost more than $10 million. Who received kickbacks? Which politicians benefitted from this waste of tax dollars? Can we ever again trust the mainstream media?

Charles Hayes,