, Corbin, KY

January 9, 2013

Laurel Sheriff recognizes individuals for contributions in 2012

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Special to the Times-Tribune

Sheriff John Root is proud to recognize deputies, office staff and citizens who have gone above and beyond their duties in serving the citizens of Laurel County during 2012.

At the sheriff’s office awards program held at the end of 2012, Sheriff Root recognized the following individuals for their contributions:

—Safe Driving awards (To receive this award, officers must have 25,000 plus safe driving miles without a preventable traffic accident): Det. Brad Mitchell, Det. Daryl Zanet, Det. Charlie Loomis, Det. Tommy Johnston, CSO Paige Vanhook, Sgt Chuck Johnson, Sgt. Josh Gaylor, Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter, Bailff Buster Smith, Cpl. Derrick Price, Bailiff Shane Rice, Bailiff Brandon Broughton, Sgt. Phil Barnard, Lt. Rodney Van Zant, Bailiff Luther Arnold, Deputy Steve Hoskins, Deputy Robbie Grimes, Deputy James Sizemore, Deputy Shawn Boroviak, Deputy Brett Reeves, and Deputy John Inman. To receive this award, officers must have 25, 000 plus safe driving miles without a preventable traffic accident.

—Length of service awards (To receive this award, personnel must have 5 or more years law enforcement experience): Sheriff John Root (20+), Chief Deputy Eddy Sizemore (25+), Lt. Rodney Van Zant (10+), Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter (10+), Sgt. Josh Gaylor (10+), Sgt. E.R. Rudder (10+), Sgt. Chuck Johnson (10+), Deputy John Inman (5+), Deputy Brett Reeves (5+), Deputy William Harris (10+), Deputy James Sizemore (10+), Deputy Greg Turner (10+), Deputy Gilbert Acciardo (30+), Detective Richard Dalrymple (15+), Detective Brad Mitchell (15+), Detective Tommy Johnston (10+), Detective Charlie Loomis (35+), Detective Billy Madden (20+), Detective Daryl Zanet (10+), Caroline Harris (5+), Debra Vandeventer (5+), Lola Lawson (5+), and Linda Amburgey (15+).

—Officers receiving Sheriff’s Commendations  (For distinguished Service) included: Deputy Shawn Boroviak, Deputy Robbie Grimes, Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, Deputy James Sizemore, Deputy Kirk Mays, Sgt Phil Barnard, Detective Jason Back, Bailiff Buster Smith, Cpl. Derrick Price, CSO Donald Banks, Bailiff Shane Rice, Bailiff Brandon Broughton, and Clerk Amanda Peters.

—10 officers received a merit award for actions or services above the call of duty:

Deputy Kirk Mays and Sgt Chuck Johnson—performing CPR on an unresponsive infant in an attempt to save the child’s life

Deputy Greg Turner and Deputy Steve Hoskins—disarming an intoxicated man armed with a shotgun, without injury to other persons present at a domestic dispute.

Sgt E.R. Rudder –diligent work ethics, professionalism, and sound judgment on a daily basis

Detective Jason Back, and Detective Brad Mitchell—Dedication to duty, sacrifice, and a never ending vigilance to make a difference, and make Laurel County a better place to live by arresting drug dealers in Laurel County

Detective Charlie Loomis—diligently pursues the criminal cases he investigates, following up on every lead, and solving numerous serious crimes in Laurel County

Senior Sgt. Greg Poynter—Constantly shows a great dedication to serving the citizens of Laurel County, very professional supervision of deputies, and a willingness to to work the long hours to get the job done.

Lieutenant Rodney Van Zant—instrumental in creating the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Unit (SRU)-for not only its creation, but training, and utilization—thereby assisting other deputies in arrests of high risk individuals—effecting those arrests as safely as possible. Lt Van Zant constantly exhibits dedication to duty, and his professionalism is always notable.

—Three staff of the sheriff’s office received special recognition: (as voted on by the staff of the sheriff’s office):

Office staff of the year: Clerk Amanda Peters

Bailiff of the Year: Corporal Derrick Price

Deputy of the year: Public Affairs Deputy Gilbert Acciardo

—In addition, three civilian awards were given out by the sheriff’s office for persons or businesses that the sheriff, and his staff recognized as either life saving, or very beneficial to the sheriff’s office, and citizens of Laurel County:

Darren Moore—assisting a deputy in effecting an arrest following a suspect scuffling with a deputy during a drug arrest

George Cress—Pulling a trapped woman from an overturned, smoking car (that was about to catch on fire) at an accident scene

PSC Metals—For its willingness, and cooperation in assisting the sheriff’s office in investigations.

Laurel County Detention Facility—constantly and on a daily basis assists the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office and its staff in a professional manner, always a willingness to go above and beyond, and its housing of prisoners that sheriff’s office personnel place there on a daily basis.

Sheriff Root commended all sheriff’s office personnel at the awards presentation for a safe, and successful 2012.