, Corbin, KY

August 28, 2013

East 80 Yard sale begins Thursday

By Charlotte Underwood
The Times-Tribune

LAUREL COUNTY — By Charlotte Underwood / Staff writer

In search of some late summer sales? Get out those yard sale shoes, hop in the car and head east to the 14th annual East 80 Yard Sale Thursday.

The sale runs from Thursday through Labor Day. Vendors will set up all along the road from Somerset to Manchester.

 During the sale, traffic on the road is expected to be heavy with shoppers and automobiles.

The yard sale starts on East Fourth Street and continues for more than 22 miles on KY 80 to Manchester in Clay County.

Anyone who owns property along the route is encouraged to participate by offering yard sale items — anything from pre-owned clothes, toys, antiques, electronics, furniture, bedding, cars, boats, all-terrain vehicles and just plain junk — in hopes of making the event the biggest yard sale the area has ever seen.

Sellers are asked to place yard/garage sale signs where they are visible enough for cars to have plenty of room to signal and stop.

Don’t forget to bring small currency. Sellers can give away all their money brought for change in just a few minutes in the early part of the days and be stuck with larger bills.

And, if you don’t live on KY 80 and have things like those above to sell, many of the people living along the road will rent a space to you to set up for a reasonable price.

If you’re shopping, particularly near the side of the road, be careful. Remember the yard sale attracts a lot of traffic, so watch out for fellow shoppers.