, Corbin, KY

February 18, 2014

Knox County candidate withdraws from primary, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — By Jeff Noble / Staff Writer

One primary race in Knox County will have no competition in May due to a candidate withdrawing earlier this month.

David Faulkner, 57, of Corbin, dropped out of the race for District 5 Constable in the Republican primary election due to health reasons.

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s website in Frankfort showed Faulkner withdrew on Feb. 6.

Before withdrawing, Faulkner was scheduled to go head-to-head against Carl Bolton, 52, of Woodbine, in the GOP race on Tuesday, May 20.

Faulkner’s name won’t be on the ballot in the primary either. That’s according to Knox County Clerk Mike Corey.

“He, Mr. Faulkner, came off the ballot prior to the February 10th certification date, so he won’t be on the May ballot,” Corey said Monday.

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office in Frankfort noted that a candidate may withdraw their name at any time.

However, if the candidate does not wish to have their name appearing on the ballot, the withdrawal must be filed before the time of certification of candidates who will appear on the ballot, on the second Monday after the filing deadline for a primary or general election during a non-presidential election.

The filing deadline for this year’s May primary was back on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Monday, Feb. 10, was the second day after the filing deadline.

It was also the day the candidates appearing on the May ballot were certified.

The Secretary of State’s Office added there’s no statutory authority for returning a filing fee in the event a candidate withdraws.

As a result of having no Republican opponent in May, Bolton will be the party’s nominee in November.

He’ll have no opposition on the Democratic side. That’s because there were no Democratic candidates entered in the race for Constable in District 5.