, Corbin, KY

November 26, 2012

Blessings & Benefits

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Patriotic music and especially the song “God Bless America” makes me always things of Thanksgiving. In the midst of this series of columns about “Thanks-givings” I am very thankful for our Country and I have no lack of confidence in Jesus Christ and his blessings. The 103 Psalm says that we should bless the Lord and scripture reminds us to not forget his benefits. As you celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 this might be the best time ever to consider all the benefits Jesus offers to you.

Today in America one of the big discussions that will provide plenty of emotion is this topic of benefits. One could argue that the foremost question of benefits would be health insurance. When I consider the benefits of the 103 Psalm I am thinking health benefits for sure. Here on earth I’ve got life insurance that I have personally owned since I was 21 years of age. I remember buying my first life insurance policy and thinking my parents are sure going to be happy when I die! What I didn’t quite understand 27 years ago was just how little $25K or $50K means today. I pretty sure most individuals will be thinking some money is better than no money, especially if it is a gift and totally unexpected. As for my parents, I guess I’ve just revealed for the first time publicly, if I die before them, they can expect a lump sum payment. I don’t anticipate they will be celebrating my death as if they won the lottery, but maybe after a few weeks have passed dad and mom will announce with cash in hand I was a pretty good son after all! Of course I am kidding and I know my parents do not look at life that way. Because of personal deaths in our family we have had the experience of learning how to celebrate and honor loved ones who have passed unexpectedly and those cherished through the years.

One of the benefits of Jesus Christ is a life insurance and there is also an earthly payout too. It is the best of both worlds and I personally and the beneficiary in the policy in both locations with big advantages. Consider for instance that I personally have paid the premium for my life insurance every month for years. When I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart, he announced a black Friday special that is available every day, every hour. He had already paid it all for me. If you asked Jesus into your heart you would discover the same truth in your life too. Another fact to consider as a benefit with Jesus is that here on earth you will have the same benefit as I do now. A friend who walks beside you, will never leave your nor forsake you, someone that is willing to listen anytime and who always has a hand extended to help pull you, push you, or arms to carry you if necessary. When I think about benefits I am really struggling to say which benefit I like the best with Jesus. Life here on earth having a friend like him is such an unreal thing but the benefit of eternal life which is totally out of here is also unreal, but so real too!

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving I am thankful to God for His blessings. I am thankful for his personally blessings and my benefits from a relationship with Him. I am thankful for His blessing to our nation as well. The biggest failure I see in people is their failure to count their blessings. If we miss counting the blessing I am rather confident that we will miss the benefits altogether. May this Thanksgivings be a different one for you personally and I pray you start counting today.

Until then...