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October 8, 2012

Countdown to election and life

CORBIN — Not sure if you have ever considered the role of countdowns but they play an interesting part of our lives.

The biggest countdown worldwide surely is the New Year’s Eve countdown. We all love watching the countdown and watching the ball drop in New York City from an American point of view certainly.

Countdowns that play a role in our lives include so many things, all from various perspectives. Educators love counting down the days until fall break or Christmas break. Seniors in high school — their big countdown comes in May when they are looking forward to graduation. Expecting parents have countdowns. It may be the hours waiting could be called an add-up moment, but it is really a countdown to the arrival of what the Bible says is a “blessing of the Lord.”

Life offers us as individuals so many different countdowns.

For folks who love religion, there have been plenty of countdowns including the big religious countdown set to arrive on Dec. 21, 2012. Yes, the Mayan Calendar will have its final day and religious folks and such are preparing for the world to fall off her axis or worse on that day and will continue to worsen thereafter. (Not sure if there is a worse condition if the earth does fall of her axis, but seems like some individuals, organizations and groups are predicting that possibility and believing it quite strongly — just saying)

What prompted my mind to countdowns was the wishes and hopes of so many as they countdown to the Presidential Election of 2012. Yes, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, cannot arrive fast enough for some. This countdown actually began on Nov. 5, 2008. That was the day Barack Hussein Obama was elected as the next President of the United States of America.

After nearly three decades of Republican control and leadership in the White House, the election of a Democrat as President began this particular countdown.

After watching the first Presidential debate, I watched and listened reaffirming my personal point of view. There are many serious issues facing not just our country but the world, and political sound bytes are not the solution or answer.

With countdowns, the one aspect that we all are looking for is an end to the countdown. On this fast approaching General Election Day 2012, I am now reaffirming my personal point of view for the second time in a single column but this time with a resolution for my next step. After this Presidential Election, some will be so excited with the outcome and others will be upset and mad. For many folks their disposition will be closely tied to their individual political party affiliation.

As a Christian I have a responsibility to pray for our elected leaders. One of the things I have learned from praying is that it is hard to pray for someone and be mad. It is also hard to pray with a genuine heart and not want to help people success. My resolution is simple. No matter who is elected, I will be praying for our President, and our country.

There is a countdown that we should all be aware of and it is the one countdown that we want to talk about the least of all countdowns.

Our individual lives are numbered according to scripture from the Holy Bible. We each have an opportunity to give and make a difference. We all have seen folks born and die. We may not agree about what happens after death, but one thing should be clear. Life is ticking and there is a countdown we should be alertly aware of.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the issues, do the part you are responsible for and help encourage others in their role as we each look at and watch our own countdowns in life.

Until then...

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