, Corbin, KY


May 13, 2013

I made a vow to God at the age of 7

CORBIN — To my brothers and sisters, I want to testify to you of God saving my life.

The first time was in 1950 in the winter. I came down sick with chicken pox, measles and mumps, with a temperature of 107 degrees — all at the same time. I was 7 years old.

Well, Mother and Daddy thought that day in 1950 was my last day on Earth because that morning, Daddy asked me what I wanted from the store. He would buy it and deliver it to me between loads of coal he was hauling that day.

Well I said I wanted a box of ice cream, and Mother said there was not enough money in the house to buy a box of ice cream. But Daddy said he would buy the ice cream for me — and he did.

But when he delivered it to the house, I could not swallow the ice cream. So I told Mother to save it, but Donnie Harold ate it that night!

That night, Mother told me to choose any bed in the house to sleep in. Well, in the front bedroom, there were two beds and the fireplace. I chose to sleep in Mother’s bed.

I was very sick and got into bed early that winter night. I had to have all the covers in the house to get warm.

I pulled the covers over my head and I felt so bad I thought that I may not live through the night.

Then I started silently crying and streams of water came down my face like a river of water.

Then I thought, well I better get a good look at the backs of the heads of my brothers and sisters and Mother, who were all sitting huddled in a horseshoe shape around the fireplace.

When I pulled down the covers, I heard Mother crying and telling her children to quit complaining about the covers that she gave to me from their beds.

If they had the money, they could have taken me to the doctors in Hazard to save my life.

Well, needless to say, I looked hard at the backs of everyone around the fireplace and then I covered my head back up.

First, let me tell you of how I had faith in God at age 7.

I was a mean little boy and Mother would read me everything that Jesus and Peter said about Hell (I know now it was to scare me straight). But I would question her about these incredible scriptures and ask her why would God put people in Hell.

She asked, “Jerry, would you want to live in Heaven with people who want to kill, rob and steal from you?”

I said, “Well Mother, I see why God has a Heaven and a Hell.”

My mother gave me my faith in God since she went to church every Sunday and taught me the scriptures. I witnessed her faith and her love for God and Jesus.

Now let’s finish this story.

This time I knew I was a goner, so I began to pray to God this prayer: “O God in Heaven, please hear my prayers. I am just a little boy and I have nothing to offer you, but I have not committed any sins. So if you take me tonight, you have to save me. But God, I am just a little boy and I don’t want to die, seeing how you are all powerful, who made Heaven and Earth and all things, and I am just a little boy. I have nothing to offer you, but if you will hear my prayers and accept my offer, when I become an old man, I will do something that you will be proud of me for doing.”

Well, God spoke to me from Heaven these words in almost a crying voice: “Little boy, why are you crying? Look again, these same people that you see tonight when you awaken tomorrow, you will see again. Now lay down and go to sleep.”

This scared me and I followed his instructions 100 percent. And when I covered my head up again, the tears began to dry rapidly, and I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

I slept all night without waking up, but that night God took me to Hell and it was right there where we lived.

The whole earth was burning with flames about 50 feet high and they were burning the color of white with a yellow color near the ends of the flames.

I heard two women crying and saying that they would give all they had while they lived on Earth if they had a glass of water.

And I heard people grinding on their teeth. Everything was just as Peter and Jesus tell us in the scriptures.

I was like a spectator because I was not hot.

Well, next morning when I woke up, I was completely healed. My fever was gone but the bed and covers were all soaked.

I threw back the covers and asked for my ice cream but Donnie had eaten it all!

When I got Mother alone, I told her about God speaking to me. And she said, “Jerry, I don’t believe this and don’t tell a soul because they will think you are crazy!”

Well I believe now that God put her up to this because my vow to God was that when I became an old man that I would do something that He would be proud of.

I asked Mother because I thought she was in trouble with God.

“Mother, do you believe in God and Jesus, and love them with all your heart and soul?”

Mother said, “Yes Jerry, I do believe and love them with all my heart and soul.”

So I said, “Mother, I believe you will be OK with God for not believing me.”

Now about four years ago, I had forgotten the vow that I made to God when I was 7 years old.

I went back through the dollar store me and Jean owned in Corbin. I was praying to God and I was talking to God like he was my father and friend.

I said, “God, you are so good and so great, you have given me everything upon this earth that my heart has desired to have. You have given me freely. Nobody would believe how great a God you are if I told them. Then I felt your presence and you brought that night in 1950 back to my remembrance so clear that I can close my eyes and visualize that night.”

I remember every detail and word of that night. I asked God what he wanted me to do for him and he said, “Nothing.”

But He has shown me. I have been making this testimony of God and I have been sending out email sermons to people.

I know that we serve a living God. I know that everything in the holy scriptures are true. I testify these things are true.

Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ and servant of God and Christ,

Jerry Campbell

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