, Corbin, KY

July 29, 2013

Your time, my time, His time, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — Listening to the radio this past week I heard an announcement about “Back to School” events. Information about teachers reporting back, first day for school to begin for students and their return to the classroom. In that moment of listening it struck me totally funny because I had just been thinking to myself that I was happy, summer was here! I am not sure if there is credit to be given for being behind the time, especially since summer is really just about over. Maybe I could give myself credit if I kick it in high gear and catch up to where the rest of you are in the current calendar rather than in my personal clock of thinking.

At the beginning of 2013 I was writing about how fast everything was moving, and now six months into the year I am like stuck in a time warp. I know the month, and the day. I know that things are happening around me, and I am participating in some of those things too. I have been experiencing the weather from rain and storms to sunshine and sunburns. Yet, I find myself in a season where I am just here, watching, observing, listening as life clicks each second. I don’t feel sad or depressed. I am not lonely or discouraged. I have been laughing and honestly, I am laughing and enjoying life with so many things while in this time warp. I have been traveling and speaking at different organizations, conferences, festivals and church services, which I enjoy. I love meeting people, and sharing my stories of life and speaking is perfect for me. As I type this column I am trying to figure out how it is that I have missed summer and or how I am going to catch up before fall arrives and enjoy these days personally. Having just typed the word personally I am thinking to myself “I am and have been enjoying myself”.

I am smiling thinking now about my cuckoo clock. Not sure if you have one but I do. Mine I have in honor of my great-grandparents Nasby & Elizabeth Jackson Mills. Theirs was always just a little off, as is mine. You need to adjust it every day, attempting with each correction to keep the time up-to-date. Maybe that’s it! I’m just a little off….if that didn’t bring a smile to your face then you are missing some of the simple things in life I am enjoy at this moment. Laughing at yourself can be a big time if you celebrate the moment. I am going to choose to celebrate that moment, the next one that occurs, and the next one and next one, until there are no more here on earth. With a cuckoo clock not only are there timing adjustments that need to be made, but depending upon the clock, you will need to pull the weights up so the clock will stay ticking. With my cuckoo clock it will run for two days without a chain reset. I thought about purchasing another clock that would go for a week but I opted for the one requiring more constant attention. Maybe that is the solution for my thought situation. I am just thinking about things every other day…ok, I am smiling again, another moment that I am going to celebrate to the fullest. Me here just every other day, I am pretty sure some folks are saying “yep, Timbo slice” that is you…and they are smiling, all of course in good humor.

I think I just landed on the answer. Yes, I know I did! Oh, I love these moment…yes, I am smiling, and another moment I am celebrating. In this column, I’ve had three personal celebration moments to celebrate to the fullest. Yes, I know the answer. The answer is that while you may be well aware that summer is over and I may just be getting up to speed, that is A.O.K. too. There is no competition moment where I need to be where you are, nor you where I am on all things. Life is a journey that we all travel at on different speeds. Life is a journey where we each make moves aT different times. Life is a journey where we must each make the best of what we have. No keeping up with the Jones’ attitude required to live life and make the best of yours.

There is something about a relationship with Jesus Christ that I have discovered gives me peace. While my timing schedule is different from yours, and while my response maybe slower than everyone else’ or maybe I am ahead of the game of life and everyone else is wondering where I have gone, I am right on time if my life is seeking to do His will, and I am living to bring Him honor and glory. Finally the answer to summer or fall. I just need to be on time with Jesus to get thing right.

Until then