, Corbin, KY


April 28, 2014

Martha, Martha

CORBIN — “Martha, Martha, you are busy about many things, but Mary has chosen the better part” [Luke 10:41]. I have felt that most of my life has been spent with Martha, in the lesser part – busy about many things.

Committing an hour and half to prayer and worship daily (5:30-7a.m.), seems to get lost in all the dust I keep stirring up all day long. There is something about getting caught up in one task after another…forgetting God.

Now in my later and last years, I am still trying to be more reflective and god- conscious through-out the day; giving God his much deserved moments of praise and thanksgiving.

Our American society does not give much esteem to spiritual reflection and prayer. In fact such physical idleness is seen by many as weird, superstitious and a waste of time. Admiration and honor is readily given to those whose schedule is “so booked” they scarcely have a moment to spare for anyone; let alone for this mysterious and dubious “prayer stuff”.

Being emotionally stressed and often mentally frenzied, paves the way for over half of Americans who medicate for hyper-tension and stress.

A shrill squeak came from the wheelbarrow I was pushing last week. Two shots form a grease gun put that wheel in smooth running order;

 if we would only have that same kind of faith in God’s loving power and presence.

This Easter season is the declaration and celebration of the resurrected Jesus as our personal Savior. Yet most (2/3) of the world reject him in disbelief. Even more disturbing is the 2/3’s of the 1/3 who declare they are Christians but have such a shallow and superficial faith that they elect not to be bothered with worship – even on Easter Sunday. These same “Christians” are found heavily endorsing Easter egg hunts, Easter bonnets and gourmet dining… without a mention of resurrection; transforming Easter into another pagan self-indulging holiday.

Is there little wonder that life on earth is found to be so difficult? It seems things have not changed much since Jesus’ statement, “O unbelieving and perverse generation…” [Mt. 17:17].

May we all perpetuate the “Happy Easter” greeting by accepting the witnesed and documented validity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Rev. John Burkhart Ph.D, is a retired Episcopal priest and professor of  psychology blog at inspirationsandideas


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