, Corbin, KY

September 24, 2012

Get super rich super fast - enslave children

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — It is hard to imagine a child who has never had a toy, never had a birthday party, never has seen the inside of a school or church, never had candy, never had a home, never had parents and never experienced love. It is hard to imagine a child that has had such impoverished parents that he/she was given away at infancy; a child whose new “owners” give the child minimal provisions to grow up so that by four years of age he/she would be put to work weaving carpet, picking/sorting/cleaning vegetables, or any of a list of menial tasks that often come with a 10-hour daily quota – a quota that must be met to avoid physical punishment or deprivation of food; children if found sick or unable to work are immediately dismissed into the surrounding ghetto or jungle to die from sickness or starvation. Invariably some of the fine tapestry carpet we walk on, some of the fruit we eat, and  shirts we wear come from the hands of enslaved children.

U.N. research estimates well over 400 million children are so enslaved in the world today! Such enslavements flourishes in countries where there are no child labor laws such as China, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Congo. Although these outrageous crimes are ongoing and publically noted, as well as condemned by U.N. and the world, they persist due to the incredible wealth of these child slave owners, sharing that wealth with government officials.

Do we live in a corrupt and sinful world or do we live in a corrupt and sinful world!

Money is the root of this outrageous evil. …“they never stop sinning; they are experts in greed – an accursed brood!” [2Peter 2:14]. Observing the opulent living of these child-slave owners gives the perspective of how grievous is their crime.

Money is alluring for all of us. Its enticement for pleasure and possessions are professionally polished and pushed at us through every media. The choice to go for all we can get seems to prevail over many.  Seeing the brevity of owning anything on earth due to the brevity of life on earth is blurred by cleverly deceptive advertisements.

It behooves us to keep our senses and our bearings by a daily reminder (a prayer) of who we are and why we are here. In my many years of ministry and counseling, I’ve never seen people more afraid of death and with efforts to avoid it, than those who have dedicated their years to acquiring what they are forced to lose.

I cannot imagine anyone’s fear of death and frantic efforts to avoid it than those who have enslaved children for their worldly wealth. “These men lie in wait for their own blood; they waylay only themselves!  Such is the end for all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the lives of those who get it.” [Proverbs 1:18,19]  Super rich super fast is gone even faster –in the moment of last breath.

Since the age of four, a little boy, Iqbal Masih had worked as a slave in Pakistan’s textile industry. Iqbal escaped at age ten and did all he could to proclaim the atrocity of such enslavement. Iqbal was murdered on April 16, 1995 at age twelve by Pakistan’s textile mafia. May you and I never allow his voice to be silenced