, Corbin, KY

February 24, 2014

Church time and gym time get you in shape, Corbin, KY

CORBIN — “With joy unspeakable,

Let’s get on our feet,

Movin’ to the beat,

Wave our hands high in the air.

Celebrate His love,

Grace that is enough,

Give Him all of our cares,

With joy unspeakable, joy unspeakable.”


In one of my January columns, I talked about how my New Year’s resolution was to get back in the gym.

My wife, Carmen, and I have been going together when we have the time off from work.

She has been trying to lose a few pounds while I’ve just been trying to stay healthy to avoid cholesterol issues.

We usually spend most of our time in the room with the cardio equipment. This includes rotating between such machines as the treadmill, the bicycles and the elliptical machine.

During our workout, we will see different members or guests of the gym make their rounds in and out of the cardio room, as well.

This is the part of the gym experience that fascinates me the most.

While we are there, we see such a variety of people who are working out for a variety of reasons.

There are the muscle-bound guys who have spent hours lifting weights. They hop on the treadmill or bicycle just to get a little aerobic exercise after a morning of bulking up.

Then you have folks who could run a marathon without even breaking a sweat. You will see them running on the treadmill the whole time we are there while I’m lucky to jog for a minute or two before I get winded.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have folks like me who haven’t spent much time in a gym or doing much physical activity at all.

These people may be trying to lose weight so they can fit into those jeans they wore in high school. Or they could be in the gym because the doctor has given them an ultimatum.

Regardless of the situation, all of these people are there in the gym trying to get in shape.

Everyone has a common goal, and even though everyone may not be on the same level, that doesn’t keep the gym members from going to the gym.

The bodybuilders don’t avoid the gym because the Brad Halls of the world are there. And those who are out of shape don’t run for the hills just because they see someone in better shape than them.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people looked at going to church the same way we look at going to a gym?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say they don’t go to church because there are too many “hypocrites.”

They go to church with people on Sunday and then see them out living a sinful life the rest of the week.

That could certainly be the case, and for those people I feel sorry.

But you can’t use that as an excuse to not attend church.

That would be the same thing as a bodybuilder not going to a gym to work out because some couch potato like me is there.

I’ll admit that the fellowship of other Christians is a wonderful and necessary part of any church. So it is great when you can form a bond with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

But if you’re letting a bad apple or two keep you out of church, you are looking at it the wrong way.

Church is for worshiping and giving praise to our Lord while being in the presence of the Holy Ghost.

If other folks are there for different reasons, then that is on them.

Church time should be a sacred time between God and you.

Psalms 100:2 says, “Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”

The other people at gyms don’t keep us from getting in shape, so the other folks at churches shouldn’t keep us from praising and worshiping Jesus.

Brad Hall is the nighttime editor for the Times-Tribune. He can be reached at You can also visit his blog at