, Corbin, KY

February 11, 2013

Missed opportunity — His law is love

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — My focus in 2013 is all about the thought of “His Law is Love and His Gospel is Peace.”

February with Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to talk about love. In 1st Corinthians chapter 13, there one can find a long list of descriptions of what love is, how it acts and ways that it can be demonstrated.

Love has often been a misused word. We have all heard someone say “I love you” and we have serious doubts about their understanding of the word based upon their actions.

Love is a word that has a powerful impact too. Sometimes we can simply share with a family member or a friend that we love them and a thousand other words go right along with the thought, helping to encourage them.

John 3:16 is a verse that many folks can quote. It has a very simple meaning. God loves everyone and He not only said it, but His actions support what He said.

One of the reasons I am focusing my attention to the fact that the Law of Jesus is Love is twofold.

First, if we demonstrated this truth in belief we would discover lots of new opportunities before us.

Second, if we put our love into actions others will believe more quickly. One word that should describe us is that we have love for others. In preaching I have shared the example that if you are singing I have the joy, joy down in my heart, but your face doesn’t show a smile or a welcoming look to others, the question do you have joy is a good one to ask.

Many folks say they have experienced forgiveness from Jesus but they don’t seem to ever tell anyone about that experience. It is reasonable to ask if you are a Christian and your life doesn’t show His love toward others is something wrong. His Law is Love and this truth demands words that share this truth and actions that support this belief.

If Jesus loved everyone and gave himself for everyone then our mission is quite clear. Our duty is to tell others about what He did for us.

Recently I missed a perfect opportunity to share a witness and I was so mad at myself for failing to act publicly.

Not sure if you have ever been involved in a rear-end collision or not, but I experienced such recently. Driving along traffic came to a slowing pace and eventually a halt on the interstate. I was in the middle lane stopped when a driver behind me maneuvered from the right lane to the middle lane and hit me from behind. I saw him coming and there was absolutely nowhere I could go as traffic was stopped all around me.

After the collision standing on the side of the road, I had a good conversation with the person that hit me, and I thought this is a great time to simply say, we are all OK, it’s just property damage, do you mind if I pray with you and thank God for His love.

I had planned on doing this once the law enforcement officials had completed their work and when that happened, my opportunity vanished all because I had delayed. The other party had left the scene and I felt the weight of not acting immediately.

I know that God loves me and I know that God loves you too. The only option I had left was to send a text message prayer to the other party and I did. His Law is Love and I believe it.

I know my resources are limited but I am working to become more aware of the daily opportunities I have to share His love, even in times of crisis. I know that His Love provides peace that passes all understanding.

Now I must focus on making sure those I meet know this too.

Until then...