, Corbin, KY

May 6, 2013

Peace in a troubled world

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — To say the world is a troubled place, I am pretty sure I can find folks that will agree with that statement. The only issue of difference I am anticipating is to what extent we believe the world is in trouble and what if any a solution might be.

In the news media, pundits like to argue the difference between a terrorist event and domestic violence. Debating conversations about how you qualify someone as mentally ill or just vengeful. Discussions about the various acts of harm and destruction imposed upon others physically and against personal property is a divisive issue all by itself.

When it comes to all the troubling events happening around us and in the world, there are many different thoughts to contend with, never mind attempting to understand what people are thinking as these acts against humanity occur, right?

The Boston Marathon Bombings have created many questions and way too few answers for most citizens. The one thing I hear that I believe citizens agree on is applause for local law enforcement.

Local residents of Boston are delighted with the way in which their law enforcement community responded, it is the Federal Government that most are frustrated with because of perceived ‘no action’ or ‘no information.’

Truth is that the street level Federal Law Enforcement Agents and Officers were vital to the success and resolution to the immediate danger and we should applaud their efforts too. Nevertheless, questions still remain.

Prior to 1980, the world’s citizens gathered around an evening broadcast each night. The reporters had all day to work on stories, get their facts straight, and confirm and prepare for their news report about events.

After the creation of CN) the world did change.

There has always been violence, murders, standoffs, kidnappings and hold-ups, but never before reported nationally unless it was an unprecedented event.

Today, local events are national headlines and what would never have been heard about is now instantly broadcast to views 24 hours a day. These facts are all a part of our troubled world’s characteristics. Now moving to the issue of difference is what if any a solution might be.

For some, there is no answer but I hold to a different thought and truth.

Many want to address issues that are easily seen and recognized, but surface help doesn’t resolve issues, problems or troubles. It can make you feel better immediately but ultimately still leave you with questions.

In a world that is troubled, the only peace I have found is through personal relationships. A relationship for example that yields solid advice and wisdom through experiences. Connections established on trust that have been proven over time.

Some of my personal relationships are with family members, others are friendships developed.

The most important relationship of all is one I share with a guy I met named Jesus. I found Him to be a friend who is always there. He listens anytime I want to talk.

I have discovered that He has my best interest and while we have disagreed on that many times, I also learned He is not the type of friend to say, “I told you so.”

His practice is to pick up where I am and He even works my mistakes out to benefit me. In a troubled world with more questions than answers, I have found Jesus to be a solution for every situation I have had to face so far.

Until then...