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June 10, 2013

‘Life is’ ... or ‘is not’ a lot of things


“Life is” a busy thing that keeps us hopping, going and looking for a resting point.

If you become engaged in a conversation about what “life is,” it might just surprise you what folks value as their life connection or meaning.

The answers vary in conversation from family to even work. We might call that total opposites and wonder who selects work as an option to define what “life is,” but it’s a viable answer.

Many would think that we should all understand family as a good description of life. There are individuals who have experienced abusive family ordeals; some folks never knew their mother, father or even both.

Sadly, it is true that some folks we know, work with, and have as acquaintances in our lives have never witnessed or seen any demonstration of the value of family. I see clearly why family might not be the answer for “life is” from the lack of those type of situations.

Answering the thought of what “life is” depends on the individual, his or her background, and education — which means more than academic training.

Education to me also includes experiences with people, groups and causes.

Some education is from following others while leading is certainly a good classroom for life, too. A valuable education in life that is often missed would include working for yourself — following after your own dreams, fighting to make your vision happen, falling and getting up again — all a part of the educational process.

Personally, I believe the most valuable part of education involves serving others. This aspect is not even considered by many, which is sad.

For others that have so much to give and share, they are too inwardly focused to even understand that without an investment there is no return. No risk, no reward, and the difference they could make if they were only a part of the solution.

“Life is” a precious gift! “Life is” a competition but not against others, it is a challenge where you are up against yourself, no one else.

The reward for competing in life is not about who finishes first, as in most races.

Winning in life is about completing the journey, which is your competition.

Your test is not about how you started the race but how you finish.

The tests (bumps, roadblocks, setbacks) that you experience in your journey are also the rewards once you learn the proper way to view the issues.

Romans 8:28 says that God works all things all to the good for those that love Him and called according to His purpose.

I use this scripture so often in my life. I have discovered that it is the grounding rod that helps keep me from shorting out like an electric cord or outlet that has faulty wiring.

The idea that I am in competition with myself and no other is because I was created in His image, given talents, skills and the capacity to love.

In His image I have opportunity that is limited if I only rely on myself. My resources are few and His are plenty.

“Life is” or “is not” a lot of things. The answer depends on our commitment to see things differently, and to never step learning, because we have never stopped moving.

And you say “Life is...”

Until then.

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