, Corbin, KY


January 13, 2014

Walking joyfully into the daily unknown

CORBIN — I was raised in the hills and for the most part I have lived my adult life in such. Driving hilly-mountainous roads, especially those secondary roads, I am continually confronted with the blinding unknown — unable to see around the next curve and over the next hilltop. I find myself trusting that the unseen road is there; that a tree or boulder is not barricading the pavement and that all the bridges are still in place. For years I have literally zipped up and down and around these rural, curvy roads trusting that the unknown and unseen are there.

This routine of driving where you can’t see is identical to our daily life —trusting that God is there. None of us has any idea what surprise events will show up each day. We all project and plan yet encounter unforeseen circumstances, people and events that alter our plans. As I have always had hope in an open road and a safe bridge around the next bend when driving, so reliance on the Divine is absolutely necessary to peacefully engage the unpredictable future that awaits our living throughout the hours of each day; be it tragedy or blessing.

Without some faith and belief in the highway department for the road, or in God for life’s daily events, fear and trepidation would stifle our lives. But still, a washed-out bridge or a fallen tree happens as well as my possible heart attack or a stroke.

    God expects us to live by faith – faith in one another and in him. We trust that a Big Mac is handed us when we order it, not a fish fillet; that at the gas pump we are pumping gasoline in our car, not water. Spiritually God expects us to have faith in him — that he has a loving plan for us that brings blessings for the soul and hopefully some physical health; all the  while acknowledging some physical sickness and eventual death.

The trust factor of God taking care of us with his plan of eternal love enables us to smile as we go through the mystery of each day. Convinced that God has that unfailing love for each of us takes away the fear of living; corresponding is the first commandment directed to us, “Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, mind, strength and soul” [Luke 10:27] — fulfilling this directive establishes an unbreakable bond for each day and assures such forever hereafter.

Now, if that won’t put a smile on our faces nothing will. It is called Blessed Assurance — our faithful belief and love in God assures eternal life. “Oh death where is your sting?” [1Cor.15:55].

Yes, we are able to walk joyfully into the daily unknown.

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