, Corbin, KY

March 4, 2010

Judge Executive - Gam Greer

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — Position seeking: Laurel County Judge Executive

Name: Gam Greer

Age: 58 years of age

Occupation: Retired Highway Contractor

Current community of residence: Live in London, KY

Family: Married, Rebecca B. Greer

1. What do you think is the most important duty of (position you are seeking)? Why?

I think the most important duty of the County Judge Executive is to be the chief administrative officer of the county, performing the duties of the office according to laws and ordinances approved by the Fiscal Court. It is important to carry out those duties and that the Judge Executive be accessible, fair, a good listener, and accountable for the duties and decisions that are made by proper approvals of the Fiscal Court. The relationship with the Fiscal Court is critical. I think the Judge Executive needs to provide leadership for a good working relationship with the Fiscal Court. As your Judge Executive, I will be fair and accountable in carrying out these duties. 

2. What qualifies you for this position?

I am qualified to be Laurel County Judge Executive because of my experience. I have experience with contracts, construction, personnel, labor relations and maintenance. I have been responsible for projects, while being accountable to my partners, employees and project authorities. I have been where decisions were required, new policies enacted, purchase guidelines changed, all in a fast pace environment. The need for planning, good communication, scheduling, identifying and correcting problems while being constructive is important. I have been fortunate to work along side very talented people. Recognizing good qualities in people, is important. I did make many mistakes and viewed each as a great learning experience. I loved our company, especially the people. I am thankful for those great experiences and accomplishments with Melco-Greer, Inc. 

3. If currently serving, what's one accomplishment during your term you are most proud of? If seeking a new office, what's one new goal/plan you have that has not been met by this administration? 

One new goal I know that has not been met by this administration is contingency planning and especially regarding the future. Money expenditures have been out of line with funding. So we will get into the expenditures, study the income and manage it while setting contingency money aside. Something this administration and Fiscal Court has lacked is fiscal discipline. We will be fiscally responsible while maintaining the necessary needs of the our vibrant community. Things like emergency services, impending repairs, will be adhered. But many items will have to be prioritized until fiscal responsibility is established. Planning for the short term, medium range goals and long term plans will be discussed and decided on. This is public money, True diligence is required. And it will be. 

4. What is the biggest challenge that the person elected as (position you are seeking) will face?

The biggest challenge of the Judge Executive is jobs. Jobs in a troubled economy is going to be a huge challenge. But Laurel County is not as troubled an economic place, as some other areas because of our diversity. We have many well managed large and small business complimented by our location to great transportation corridors. We will draw on our strengths. We are a hard working people. Business creates jobs, not government. People have ideas. People make things, not government. People sell and deliver them to market. People with jobs buy things, do things. That is what Laurel County people are already doing. We are a regional giant. Many now live here but work elsewhere. That is good. Laurel County is a good place to live, work, play and raise a family. Laurel County people are on the move throughout the region every day. We need to become regionally minded for jobs. Laurel County is already a regional economic giant. Why don’t we endorse reality and see where it leads.? Jobs are important.