, Corbin, KY

January 2, 2012

Owner turns passion for archery into Corbin business

The Times-Tribune

CORBIN — By Sharae Myers / Staff Writer

Jon Brummet, owner of True Flight Indoor Archery, a recently-open business in Corbin, spent eight years in the Navy and after being medically discharged found himself back home in Corbin recovering on the couch.

After reconnecting with high school friends, twin brothers Casey and Kyle Young, they helped Brummett get back out in the world with a bow and arrow.

The Young brothers, taught by their father Butch Young, have been avid bow shooters since their teenage years.

The elder Young said, “I made my first bow in wood shop back in 1966 and have been involved in archery ever since. I am also a former archery instructor for the Kentucky Wildlife Association and retired from CSX Railroad.”

True Flight Indoor Archery opened in November on Cumberland Falls Hwy. in Corbin and is only the fourth indoor archery range in the state of Kentucky, said Brummett.

Brummett explained that the business was given the name True Flight because with indoor archery you do not have to worry about wind, humidity or if it’s raining. It is a constant every time, where your arrow goes, it is a true flight from your bow to your target.

Brummett’s passion for archery grew over the past two years and has come full circle for him. He decided that if he wanted an indoor range that maybe other people would too.

Brummett said the biggest reason he likes archery is you don’t have to be the biggest athlete, you don’t have to be the strongest guy or typical athlete.

“You can be anyone,” he said, “as long as you take time to practice and concentrate. There are no physical limits to archery.”

Brummett is hoping to get the word out about True Flight Indoor Archery because he offers opportunities for competitive shooters and hunters to shoot year round, and it is the ideal sport for kids who are not typical athletes.

The basics of the indoor range allows shooters to use a bullseye target to get their bows sighted in for competitions or being competitive in the woods.

The bullseye targets used at True Flight are National Field Archery Association “Vegas” three-spot and five-spot targets for target classes in indoor competitions.

The range offers deer, turkey and coyote targets for hunters who like to practice on aiming at a certain area on an animal.

For fun, there are playing card and dartboard targets. This is for friends who just want to come and are not into shooting at animals or competitively. These targets are about shooting at higher or lower targets.

Brummett offers special rates for kids who participate in the National Archery in Schools program and Center Shot program.

Full range for shooters is $10 all day and you can come and go as you please, or for those who want to come in and shoot during their lunch hour. Limited time is $5 for the first hour and $3 for each additional hour.

For kids who are not shooting full range or who are shooting in the National Archery in Schools program range, the cost is $5 all day, and bow and arrow rental is an additional $5.

If you go, True Flight Indoor Archery’s hours of business are Monday through Friday from noon until 9.p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The business is located at Exit 25 off I-75. Turn west towards Cumberland Falls, and the archery range is across from Bubby’s BBQ.

For more information, call during business hours at 606-280-7775 or for special appointments, call 606-231-7420. True Flight Indoor Archery can also be found on Facebook at