, Corbin, KY

December 2, 2011

Five indicted in Knox for bail jumping


CORBIN — By Carl Keith Greene / Staff Writer

Knox County’s grand jury returned five indictments this week, all for bail jumping.

All five were first-degree, Class D felonies, with possible sentencing of one to five years.

• James Sizemore, 25, of Barbourville, was charged with first-degree bail jumping as well as second-degree persistent felony offense.

• Shannon Davidson, 20, of Flat Lick, first-degree bail jumping.

• Jeremy Kelly, 38, of Corbin, first-degree bail jumping.

• Elizabeth Saunders, 30, of Heidrick, first-degree bail jumping.

• Albert Sawyers, 38, of Lily, first-degree bail jumping.

According to the Kentucky statutes, a person is guilty of first-degree bail jumping who does not report to court, after being released from custody by court order.

The release may be based upon posting funds or simply promising to report to court.

The statute states that he is guilty of bail jumping if “he intentionally fails to appear at that time and place.”

And when he is prosecuted for bail jumping the defendant may prove that his failure “was unavoidable and due to circumstances beyond his control.